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Idol Thoughts — 02.25.09

I’m predicting Allison, Kris and Adam make it through to the Top 12 on American Idol. Yes, I know! That means I’m also predicting Megan will not.

Overall, not a great night last night. I use the “close my eyes and listen and decide if I’d put the song on my iPod” test. Despite gigs of free space, there’s not much from last night I’d wanna hear again.

Another thought. The new format for building that Top 12 opens the door for a big gender imbalance. The new system moves forward the top female and male vote-getters, and then “the next highest vote-getter.” At this stage of the game, I suspect that the guys pick up female fans quicker than vise versa. So that initial loyalty goes a long way. The Top 12 will have more dudes.

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First Listen – New U2 Album

This is an experiment. The idea being to share more ‘in-the-moment’ thoughts. So if anyone chooses to read this, I hope they blaze through it and give it about as much thought as I have (which was more than none, but not too much).

U2 – No Line On The Horizon
(thoughts typed during first and ONLY listen while I was working on something else)

01 – “No Line On The Horizon” … announces that this album is a mix of new and old U2 sounds.
02 – “Magnificent” … cool beat, old-school Edge guitar, this I like. LOTS!
03 – “Moment Of Surrender” … gospel-tinged (without the choir, if that makes sense) slower song.
04 – “Unknown Caller” … mid-tempo, anthematic. “Re-boot yourself”? Cool lyric… if this was 1997.
05 – “I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight” … Edge doin’ his quiet ‘Edge Thing’, another mid-tempo track, I’m gonna need something uptempo to keep me in this. I’m down with this line though: “The right to be ridiculous is something I hold dear.”
06 – “Get On Your Boots” … ah, up tempo at last! GOYB making more sense to me now. The whole ‘hippie-vibe’ vocals on the chorus don’t it for me, but I always dig a catchy fuzzed-out guitar riff.
07 – “Stand Up Comedy” … speaking of big riffs. Better than what passes for stand up ‘comedy’ these days. I’ve been up late a lot lately and who’s booking the ‘comics’ for Carson Daly? I’m not laughing. And I got the tired jollies! But I digress…
08 – “Fez – Being Born” … experiemental opening, very cinematic. Not sure where this song’s going, but I got off two stops ago.
09 – “White As Snow” … opens quietly, having hard time getting re-focused after the last track.
10 – “Breath” … now at least this sounds a little different to me. Bono a rapid-fire vocal delivery on the verses.
11 – “Cedars Of Lebanon” … Bono brings it down a notch, spoken vocal. And yikes, it’s another one of those ‘hippie-vibe’ choruses.

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