First Listen – New U2 Album

This is an experiment. The idea being to share more ‘in-the-moment’ thoughts. So if anyone chooses to read this, I hope they blaze through it and give it about as much thought as I have (which was more than none, but not too much).

U2 – No Line On The Horizon
(thoughts typed during first and ONLY listen while I was working on something else)

01 – “No Line On The Horizon” … announces that this album is a mix of new and old U2 sounds.
02 – “Magnificent” … cool beat, old-school Edge guitar, this I like. LOTS!
03 – “Moment Of Surrender” … gospel-tinged (without the choir, if that makes sense) slower song.
04 – “Unknown Caller” … mid-tempo, anthematic. “Re-boot yourself”? Cool lyric… if this was 1997.
05 – “I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight” … Edge doin’ his quiet ‘Edge Thing’, another mid-tempo track, I’m gonna need something uptempo to keep me in this. I’m down with this line though: “The right to be ridiculous is something I hold dear.”
06 – “Get On Your Boots” … ah, up tempo at last! GOYB making more sense to me now. The whole ‘hippie-vibe’ vocals on the chorus don’t it for me, but I always dig a catchy fuzzed-out guitar riff.
07 – “Stand Up Comedy” … speaking of big riffs. Better than what passes for stand up ‘comedy’ these days. I’ve been up late a lot lately and who’s booking the ‘comics’ for Carson Daly? I’m not laughing. And I got the tired jollies! But I digress…
08 – “Fez – Being Born” … experiemental opening, very cinematic. Not sure where this song’s going, but I got off two stops ago.
09 – “White As Snow” … opens quietly, having hard time getting re-focused after the last track.
10 – “Breath” … now at least this sounds a little different to me. Bono a rapid-fire vocal delivery on the verses.
11 – “Cedars Of Lebanon” … Bono brings it down a notch, spoken vocal. And yikes, it’s another one of those ‘hippie-vibe’ choruses.

Greg Valentine
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