Idol Thoughts — 02.25.09

I’m predicting Allison, Kris and Adam make it through to the Top 12 on American Idol. Yes, I know! That means I’m also predicting Megan will not.

Overall, not a great night last night. I use the “close my eyes and listen and decide if I’d put the song on my iPod” test. Despite gigs of free space, there’s not much from last night I’d wanna hear again.

Another thought. The new format for building that Top 12 opens the door for a big gender imbalance. The new system moves forward the top female and male vote-getters, and then “the next highest vote-getter.” At this stage of the game, I suspect that the guys pick up female fans quicker than vise versa. So that initial loyalty goes a long way. The Top 12 will have more dudes.

Greg Valentine
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