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Idol Thoughts — 03.03.09

So this week, I’m predicting Scott MacIntyre, Jorge Nunez and Lil Rounds make it thru to the Top 12 on American Idol. How’d I arrive at this conclusion. I’m not sure (lol), so let me go to my notes. Yes, there are actual notes. I’m just THAT geeky for Idol!

First, let’s eliminate a few from last night, people that have NO chance of moving forward when the results are announced tonight. Based on the big blue lines my Crayon has going over their names, they include Taylor Vaifanua (pitchy performance of an Alicia Keys song, somewhat awkward stage presence), Arianna Afsar (off-key Abba), Kristen McNamara (good singer, but I’m sticking with my theory that only one female will make the Top 12 each week during these first three rounds), Kendall Beard (solid country performance, great look, but… another, stronger female will go through), and Alex Wagner-Trugman (sounded pretty good when he SANG Elton John, not-so-much when he GROWLED Elton John).

A few other random notes I jotted down in the moment include: Von Smith, “What kind of music could this guy record if he won?” Simon actually answered that, comparing him to Clay Aiken. Simon said that’d help him. Does it? Ju’not Joyner, “I’m bored.” Yeah, I know. That’s what I wrote. People like this guy. And so do I. He’s the one that’ll screw my prediction if anyone does. And I actually liked his performance to a point. Contrary to what the judges said, I would’ve liked Ju’not to totally “R&B up” the Plain White T’s song. And show what he could really do with the song. Nathaniel Marshall, “Yikes (outfit), broadway performance, but good vocal.” Not sure what else to say about Nathaniel. He IS entertaining. Felicia Barton, “Confident performance, but some BAD notes.” Her version of “No One” ended up being my second favorite female performace of the night.

So that leaves the three who I think will join the Top 12.

Scott MacIntyre. Kudos for making me enjoy “Mandolin Rain.” THAT’S saying something. Because I try pretty hard to avoid “Mandolin Rain”! I like my life to be a “Mandolin Rain-Free Zone.” Scott did a great vocal. And there’s a real sense that this guy’s even better when he gets behind a keyboard. The judges made that point over and over. (So why wasn’t he behind a keyboard last night? Guess there must be a rule. Bad rule, in that case.)

Jorge Nunez. Those catapillars over his eyes scare the hell outta me. But this guy can sing. And something tells me there’s a huge segment of the population that’s been waiting for a Latino to get behind. His fanbase should be huge.

Lil Rounds. What can I say? She knocked ’em out. It’s a compliment to her incredible talent that I pretty much expected her to win the night even before she performed. I set the bar so high for her, in fact, that I expected her to be EVEN better than she was. Does that make sense? Those kind of expectations aren’t fair to Lil, of course. She certainly DID “win the night.”

We’ll see what happens on the results show tonight. Thoughts?

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