Idol Thoughts — 04.14.09

9:04. That’s the time the show ended tonight on the East Coast. And that was with just half the judging!

To move things along, and to avoid the “running late” problem they had last week, American Idol producers decided each contestant would get reviewed by only two of the four judges. One of the worst Idol missteps in a while. Seriously. People want to know what Simon thinks. And considering what they pay Simon, producers should really think this through. Goodbye Kara next season. But that’s a whole other blog!

Here’s some quick thoughts…

Allison Iraheta: Big priaise from Simon for her version of “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing.” His and Paula’s praise must’ve been cumlative and rewarding for previous weeks. (Meaning that they see it like I do — Allison’s a top-two of top-three finalist.) But tonight, the first part of the song didn’t resonate with me, and it seemed to me overall that Allison wasn’t as comfortable inside the song as we’re used to seeing. Middle of the pack this week.

Anoop Desai: Strong performance. Anoop’s finding his ‘jam’. And looking at all the performances tonight, Anoop’s rendition of Everything I Do (I Do For You) really fulfilled the promise of the night’s theme, “Songs Of The Cinema.” If Anoop ends up in the bottom three, it won’t be for lackluster singing (the last two weeks have been his strongest). It’ll be because he doesn’t have enough fans. Which is a big problem, indeed.

Adam Lambert: Gave us an unabashed and unapologetic “rock star” performance of “Born To Be Wild” tonight, complete with heavy metal high notes that will make Sabastian Bach wish he was a young man again. Yes, the downloads will bare out one of Simon’s observations (last week’s “Mad World” will out-sell this week’s rocker). But Adam sold a lot of future concert tickets tonight!

Matt Giraud: Matt made changes to “Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman” that didn’t work. As a whole, the song went flat. And the judges nailed him for it. Nothing worse than being the second-best “Bryan Adams” on the show. Ouch.

Danny Gokey: Yeoman-like performance of “Endless Love.” Which is to say, solid as usual. But a recurring comment here. The quieter moments of Danny’s performances don’t resonate with me as much as when he “turns it on.” Voters will remember his singing tonight, though. And that’s good. Because “sans glasses” as he was, he was kinda unrecognizable.

Kris Allen: Did the song “Falling Slowly” (don’t know it) from the movie “Once” (never saw it). He got a little whiny, and in a couple parts, out of tune. Far (far!) from his best.

Lil Rounds: Here’s the issue with Lil. And it’s just an itty-bitty thing. She doesn’t know how to pick songs (tonight, Bette Midler’s “The Rose”). And doesn’t sing the ones she picks very well. Itty-bitty… not!

Top Three: Adam, Danny, Anoop

Bottom three: Lil, Matt, Kris

Bottom two: Lil, Matt

Going home: Lil

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