Idol Thoughts — 04.21.09

Okay. So not a single song I suggested got performed tonight. For the most part, I appreciate the choices that were made during this disco-themed night on American Idol. The contestants actually dug a little deeper into the genre than I did. And “September” is a MUCH better song than “Disco Infrerno.” So good on ya, Danny. How’d they do tonight? And who’s going home tomorrow? Let’s groove on this recap (and peer into the crystal disco ball).

LIL ROUNDS – “I’m Every Woman” by Chaka Kahn. Lil sounded better tonight than in any recent week I can remember. And she played the role well (of “Disco Diva”), giving the audience a fun, more confident and energetic performance. Too bad the vocals weren’t totally on point. The judges hammered her and I think Lil’s getting frustrated. At least that’s what I see in her eyes. The theme alone this week should have saved her. I don’t think it did.

KRIS ALLEN – “She Works Hard For The Money” by Donna Summer. I had a feeling we’d see Kris with his guitar this week. He’s not exactly “Mr. Disco.” Smart choice. And this was a great re-vamp of the song. He really told a story. And props to Paula for identifying and acknowledging the Santana vibe. And even though Simon was mystified, I understood her comment about shopping from the women’s department. Nice job, Kris.

DANNY GOKEY – “September” by Earth Wind & Fire. Weird dancing, great vocal. Here’s a thought that may or may not mean a damn thing. But why do I sense that Danny could be the biggest-selling gospel artist next year (if he wants)? His vocals and performances always make me feel like I’m in church. Not a bad thing! The cool church. The one with the awesome gospel choir.

ALLISON IRAHETA – “Hot Stuff” by Donna Summer. So much for my feeling that some disco content was too suggestive for 16-year-old Allison, lol. Allison grabbed hold of one of Donna’s naughtier classics and, dare I say, made it even sexier than the original (thinking of the way she opened the song). Personally, I loved this rock-splosive re-working of the song. I hope voters did, too. But I wonder. When Allison’s gone too “hard rock” in the past, it’s landed her in the Bottom Three.

ADAM LAMBERT – “If I Can’t Have You” by Yvonne Elliman. There’s any number of songs Adam could’ve taken and re-intrepreted and made it great. And if this wasn’t exactly the perfect new arrangement, it certainly was the vocal of the night. Adam also knows how to really sell a song. Which makes him a great performer, in addition to a great singer.

MATT GIRAUD – “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees. Simon said “desperate” about Matt’s song choice. I think it’ll work. I see voters getting behind Matt, now that the “The Save” has made him the official underdog. I think they’ll want him to “stay alive” another week. I liked some things about his performance tonight. But it didn’t totally come together for me.

ANOOP DESAI – “Dim All The Lights” by Donna Summer. Fitting that the Queen of Disco, Donna Summer would provide three of the songs tonight. I gotta say, I don’t know what Randy, Kara and Paula were listening to (maybe a replay in their heads of a much better Anoop performance in dress-rehaersal?). But I’m with Simon. I thought this was bad. Really bad. And that’s not saying Anoop can’t sing–cuz he can. He just turned in a mediocre performance this week. Bad time to do that.

Top 3: Adam, Danny, Kris

Bottom 3: Lil, Anoop, Allison

Bottom Two (and both going home): Lil, Anoop


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