Is SNL Suffering From ‘No-mentum’?

“On DVR From New York, It’s Tuesday Morning!”

Kinda sums up my ambivalence about Saturday Night Live this season. I just got around to watching last weekend’s show with Blake Lively and Rihanna.

No doubt that SNL has lost some momentum lately. That’s too bad, because they’re coming off a pretty strong season, which had the election, and many opportunities to send-up Obama, McCain, and most notably, Tina Fey‘s hilarious and spot-on Sarah Palin.

Without the political excitement, SNL‘s letdown can be compared to, well, the country. We’re all watching and waiting for things to get better.

Of course, the annual complaint that SNL “isn’t as good as it used to be” started season two. If the 35-year old show truly deteriorated every season, by now the quality would have to be lower than the temperature of liquid hydrogen.

Get a tad better it did this week. Baby steps. They lampooned the White House Party-Crashers, and raised a few eyebrows and controversy with the Tiger Woods getting walloped by his wife sketch. Maybe it’s my love for music. But the “Shy Ronnie” digital short with Rihanna and Andy Samberg had me rollin’.

Even through this dry spell, Seth Meyers continues to deliver on Weekend Update. Great writing and performance that could only be improved by the return of his partner Amy Poeller, who did a Tina Fey to prime time. Here’s a Seth gem from Saturday: “A new study has found that lineman on college football teams are often obese. The study was conducted by the University of My Eyeballs!”

Of course, that’s the same university that will be watching for signs of improvement on SNL.


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  1. Ben said

    No-mentum is right. This season’s been very disappointing.

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