Idol Thoughts — 01.19.10

Paula Adbul, you were missed last night.

We could have used a downpour of Paula tears. Or Paula trading barbs with Simon. At the very least, some garbled, unintelligible reasoning why she says “yes” to someone going to Hollywood. Something to fun up the proceedings on American Idol.

Instead, we got one of the more lackluster audition episodes in recent memory. Contrived crazy (Brian Krause, an obvious put-on who sang Tiny Tim), boring backstories (Divorce? Asthma?), and only a small handful of standouts. The math tells the story. Twelve thousand people waited in line to try out. Just 13 walked away with Golden Tickets.

In Chicago, the hometown of Barack Obama, the uplifting slogan, “Yes We Can,” became a resounding, “No You Definitely Cannot!”

Among the interesting hopefuls: Katelyn Epperly (“Syrup And Honey” by Duffy), an Earthy-voiced original; Charity Vance (“Summertime”), who has been able to mold her limited vocal range into something unique that works; And John Park, for lack of a better description, an Asian soul singer, whose “bottom end” Shania simply had to compliment (the first in string of musical comments that sounded dirty). Ah, to be John Park!

Then there was Angela Martin, who demonstrated her ample skillz (again) on Mary J Blige‘s, “Just Fine.” Anglela showed she deserves another shot. She’s been cut the last two seasons–last year after making the Top 50 (something about a traffic ticket). We’ll see if the cloud that’s been following her around has made way for blue skies.

Finally, and very briefly, there’s Keith Sample (“Heaven” by Bryan Adams). I say briefly because that’s how much screen time he got last night. Something about his voice caught my ear. Sounded fresh. Of course, that’s based on the tiny portion the Idol folks served us.

So, hey, those are my thoughts. What you thinkin’? Let me know!

Greg Valentine
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