Idol Thoughts — 02.03.10

So I’m writing this more than a week later, well after the show aired, using notes I made when I watched it at a hotel in Orlando. So this will be a quickie. But looks like I need to scratch the completist itch that’s been buggin’ me all week as I debated “missing an Idol blog.”

It was American Idol‘s final audition episode this season–a bunch of tryouts taken from the seven cities they’ve visited this year. Something they called, “The Road To Hollywood.”

I wondered in one of these blogs who are these people they’re not showing that are making it through. Surely some are contenders, yes? Well, yes. And in this episode, we met some of them.

Jessica Furney – She sings a song Simon Cowell co-wrote. Who knew? Guess people are going to Wikipedia for inspiration these days. She sounds nice. Definitely deserves to be heard again. And onward to Hollywood she goes.

Amanda Shectman – This one does weird little voices, like a cartoony take on Britney Spears. She sounds theatrical, but okay. Judges say she needs to “connect” better. She gets through to Hollywood after basically begging.

Lee Dewzye – Does a nice, soulful job on “Ain’t No Sunshine” and gets a Golden Ticket to sunny California.

Crystal Bowersox – This dreadlocked, Bohemian singer, the kind you normally see singing down at the public market with an open guitar case for coins, knocked Janis Joplin‘s “Piece Of My Heart” out of the park. Hollywood.

Lacey Brown – We’ve seen her before: Top 50 from last season. The judges advanced Megan Joy instead of Lacey. What a mistake that was–and not because Lacey’s so amazing. Arggh! Megan Joy still irritates me! Lacey’s got some chops. Nice tone on her version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” She’s on her way to Hollywood, where if history repeats, they’ll pass her over again in some new travesty.

Three quick “yeses” went out in a montage that was designed to show that some of the best 16-year olds Idol‘s seen have auditioned this season. They are Rachel Hubbard, Thaddeus Johnson, and Genesis Moore. Interestingly, no hoopla is made over Genesis, who’s another black female singing country (like Haeley Vaughn).

Michael Lynche – We met “Big Mike” in this episode, a personal trainer with some huge guns…and nice pipes. His version of “Unchained Melody” gets him a Golden Ticket.

Didi Benami – She does a cool version of “Hey Jude.” Some nice, jazzy phrasing. Hollywood.

Aaron Kelly – Girls, my nieces in particular, are going to love this kid. Good-looking 16-year old boy…in touch with his sensitive side enough to audition with Miley Cyrus‘ “The Climb.” Where are the next Jesse McCartneys and Justin Biebers coming from? Maybe from here. Although Aaron’s sound is a little deeper.

Hope Johnson – Great audition song, Lee Ann Womack‘s “I Hope You Dance.” Hope’s got some nice tone. But needs to complete her phrases–holding those notes. Judges point that out. Nice smile. Likeble. On her way to Hollywood.

Greg Valentine
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