Idol Thoughts — 02.17.10

Okay. Some people prefer the other 24 on FOX. But this is my 24–the Top 24 on American Idol! Although, I’m not sure I’d put the fate of the world, or the president, in the hands of these Glee-ful singers.

Oh, wait! Forgot about “Big Mike.” World, I think we got ya covered.

Here’s the way it was tonight:

JANELL WHEELER – This Florida cowgirl was the first of eight consecutive yeses from the judges. She seems passionate about this. I’m not sold on her chance of making to Top 12.

TYLER GRADY – “That 70s Guy.” Tyler’s a student of the classic rock gods. We learned tonight he watches concert videos of Robert Plant and others, learning their moves and style. There are worse ways to spend your time. I see this guy having no problem finding fans and getting votes. And that makes getting to the Top 12 a lot easier.

LACEY BROWN – She should have made it last season–considering the judges picked the annoying Megan Joy over her in one of those two-sit-down-but-only-one’s-gonna-make-it showdowns. We saw some footage we hadn’t before of Lacey singing “What A Wonderful World” from earlier during Hollywood Week. It’s really quite nice. I officially want to hear more.

ASHLEY RODRIGUEZ, ALEX LAMBERT, and JOE MUNOZ – These three were quickly given the good news in a montage. I’ve said since the first episode this season I expect to see Ashley in the Top 12. And ever since, they’ve given her little screen time. Odd. Alex, umm, it’s a shame, and it will undoubted confuse people who follow the show closely, that your name’s so close to last year’s runner-up. And I can’t recall much about Joe’s singing. I do feel bad that I can’t figure out how to put the accent over the “n’ in his last name. Oh, hang on. Viola:  Muñoz! Gotta love cut’n’paste.

CRYSTAL BOWERSOX – “What is it? Three million people watch this show?” I love it. Oblivious. Authentic. Refreshing. I get the sense Crystal doesn’t even own a TV. And if she did, she be tempted to sell it for peyote money. She’s really, really good. Too good. The kind of good that makes you wonder if America can handle it.

KATIE STEVENS – This 16-year old from the Boston auditions was a lock to make Top 24. So she did. I’d say a lock for Top12, too.

Then they cut a bunch people in a row, quickly, like pulling off a Band-Aid. Idol producers didn’t even put their names on screen. I wasn’t really sure who they were. Guess that’s probably why they’re going home.

ANGELA MARTIN – I mentioned it before. Angela seems to have a cloud following her around. And the cloud strikes again. They answer was no. So for the third time, she’s leaves the show after making some initial noise.

LILLY SCOTT – But it’s a yes for this one. Her jazzy, but not in that annoying “I’m a jazzy show-off,” voice got her to the Top 24, where she’ll need to step it up to stick around. That version of “Rich Girl” wasn’t that good–she had no connection to the song.

PAIGE MILES – Who?? Well, she’s in the Top 24.

SIOBHAN MAGNUS – I haven’t been following this one closely. So, let’s see what you can do. The ladies perform next Tuesday.

MICHELLE DELAMOR – Made it through. Same comment here as directly above.

JERMAINE SELLERS –  We didn’t get much new footage on any of these during this stretch of the episode. We’ll be better able to judge his progress when the guys perform Wednesday.

JOHN PARK – “The Asian Soul Singer.” That’s what I said after his audition. Again, we haven’t seen or heard much from him since.

TORI KELLY – She got frozen out by the judges, despite a sexy version the other night of Katy Perry‘s “Hot N Cold.”

HAELEY VAUGHN – Her mission to become the first black female pop country singer…continues. That’s despite some iffy singing during Hollywood Week. Judges see potential. Simon Cowell said she’s adaptable and a hard worker. Haeley’s going to need to become more consistent. And quickly.

THADDEUS JOHNSON – I think he strove to make his “Man In The Mirror” a massive performance. And I think he didn’t quite get there. But, Thaddeus almost ruined my prediction that no one from Neapolitan (Group Day) would make the Top 24. Thaddeus did…not make it. But wait! Paige Miles was in Neapolitan. Oh, that’s who she is. And as mentioned, Paige is a Top 24-er.

ANDREW GARCIA – Here’s another of my early picks to go far in this competition. And he’s on his way to the next level. Andrew told the judges he loves taking songs and messing with the arrangements. I’m a fan of what I’ve heard so far. Keep that up!

So there’s your Top 24. Umm, no. That’s 23. In the preview for next week, we learn that Tim Urban will be performing with the guys next week. We didn’t see Tim sing last night. Or Tonight. Nor did we see the judges tell him he made it. Hmmm. I say he didn’t make it, originally. Someone else must have, and Tim’s a last-minute replacement. Wonder what happened?

What do you think of the Top 24? Any that shouldn’t be there? Some that should? Lemme know.

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