Idol Thoughts — 03.31.10

It’s definitely getting harder for DVR freaks like me to speed past the commercials on American Idol. In between ads disguised as part of the show for Clash of the Titans, and Ford, we did actually get some results last night.

Didi Benami was “ushered” home, and now seeks an answer to the very question she sang Tuesday night: What becomes of the brokenhearted?

Well, for starters, there’s the Idol concert tour. Didi will be part of that. But traditionally, tenth-place finishers don’t go on to massive recording careers.

Hey, sometimes Idol winners have trouble selling albums. Enter Ruben Studdard, who performed early in the show last night, a new song called “Don’t Make ‘Em Like You No More.” While Ruben, Season 2’s champ, is far from Idol‘s most successful victor, he’s not it’s least, either. Taylor Hicks, ears burning? Ruben’s song was clearly designed for the Urban AC (Adult Contemporary) radio format. And while I’m not rushing to iTunes to download it today, it seemed to be a respectful effort for his audience. And kudos on the whole health thing. “The Velvet Teddy Bear” has shed some pounds and gone vegan.

There was also news last night of an upcoming concert tour featuring Ruben and and Season 2’s runner-up Clay Aiken. Ummm…good times, great oldies?

Also on the bill last night was this week’s mentor, Usher, who performed (a little out-of-breath) “OMG” with And joining the festivities later was Diddy, who was simultaneously humble, gracious, over-the-top and a great salesman, with his new thing (group? project?), Diddy Dirty Money. Backed by a couple female singers, and a huge crew of dancers, everybody dressed in white and surrounded by smoke, they did a song called “Hello (Good Morning)” and America went looking for their pagers, blurted out “Waassssuuuup” and enjoyed a collective 90s flashback.

As for the Bottom Three, that went as I suggested yesterday: Katie Stevens, Tim Urban and Didi Benami. Katie being sent to safety. And between Tim and Didi, Tim dodging yet another bullet, and Didi Benami going home.

Tim’s got a little Diddy in him–the salesman part. Or maybe he’s more politician. They keep asking Tim, a seeming “resident” of the  Bottom Two, why he always smiles. Same reason any person running for office who’s 30 points behind in the polls smiles to their followers: to inspire some confidence, to make people feel they’re not wasting their vote, and to make they feel they’re part of something.

Well, during Idol, there’s always another election coming. And it’s less than a week away. Thoughts today?

Greg Valentine
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