Idol Thoughts — 04.07.10

So, the will of the voters was overturned by a group of judges, who changed the outcome to one more to their liking. But, hey, enough about the 2000 election (ba-dum-CHING!).

When it comes to our American Idol, we actually look forward to this moment. I think the reason is this: anybody who’s watched more than a couple episodes has recognized that…sometimes “America gets it wrong.” So starting last season, the show instituted “The Judges’ Save” to right one (and just one) of these wrongs. It can only be used once, and only between the Top 12 and Top 5 episodes.

Last night, the judges saved Michael Lynche (“Big Mike”). It was unanimous. And it was the right thing to do.

Let’s face it. Looking at the Top 9, Big Mike is hardly a ninth-place finisher. This was probably the moment to use the save. In the coming weeks, it’s unlikely a bigger, more glaring injustice will happen. Of course, if it does…tough beans. But clearly the judges wouldn’t have used their one and only save to keep Tim Urban around. Based on his inconsistency, I don’t believe they would’ve saved Andrew Garcia (who was in the Bottom Two last night). Or even Aaron Kelly (Bottom Three last night), if he goes home in the next few weeks.

The Save is for eliminations that just don’t feel “right.” The judges must feel pretty confident that Crystal Bowersox, Lee DeWyze, Siobhan Magnus and Casey James will make the Top 5. So last night made sense. It was great TV, too. Big Mike singing almost heroically for his save, with plenty of cutaways to his wife in the audience streaming tears down her face, as he repeated his best performance to date, “This Woman’s Work.”

So next week will be a double-elimination. That’s the “hangover” to last night’s good times. Two people will go home. It’ll be interesting to see how this affects Tim Urban, who avoided the Bottom Three altogether last night, but who manages to “Brer Rabbit” himself out of the Bottom Two most weeks. If he lands there next week, it’s over.


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