Honoring Our Every Day Heroes: First Responders

Firefighter Combat Challenge, Greg Valentine, ESPN

Firefighter Combat Challenge, Kissimmee, FL (Photo from ESPN)

I wrote some thoughts after 9/11. I didn’t know how I’d feel about them a year later — never mind ten years later.

I wrote, I think, for the reason a lot of people did: to express my emotions. And attempt to do that in a way that might “uplift.”

I chose to express my feelings by recalling a recent experience with a group of firefighters. As that horrible day unfolded, firefighters led the charge into the burning towers to contain the flames and rescue people.

But my words from ten years ago apply to all first responders, who were there step-for-step with firefighters. If it wasn’t clear before, we saw what’s at stake for these brave men and women on a daily basis.

Please read my post at GregValentine.com, “My Weekend With Some Every Day Heroes.”

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