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Idol Thoughts — 05.18.10

Hallelujah! Someone finally answered Idol fans’ prayers for an “Oh, Wow!” moment, something that had been sorely missing this season.

That all changed last night on American Idol when Lee DeWyze took Leonard Cohen‘s song “Hallelujah” to the promised land. Lee’s epic performance solidified him as the front-runner going into next week’s finale.

Last night was crucial. I think the week before the finale is just as important as the finale (maybe more), and here’s why. When people watch next week, they want to know who they’re rooting for. So most people’s minds will already be made up. So last night was the last chance to really change some minds or win over new fans. Lee picked the best time of all to be peaking!

The Top 3 finalists performed two songs each last night: one they picked themselves; the other picked by one of the judges. I say each finalist did better on the song picked for them, which is telling. Even at this late stage, this year’s finalists still have some things to learn about how best to position themselves as artists.

Lee took a moment after his season-stealing performance to thank Simon Cowell for choosing “Hallelujah.” It seemed Lee may have had some initial reluctance about the song. Ironically, the thanks should be mutual. Simon owns the rights to the song. One U.K. news outlet even calls the song “Cowellelujah.” The song’s already put boatloads of cash in Simon’s bank account. Finalists on Simon’s U.K. show, The X Factor, have performed and recorded it. And Lee’s version will undoubtedly add to Simon’s “cha-ching.”

So “Hallelujah” for both of them: win-win.

It’s interesting. “Hallelujah” is one of those songs that has a larger-than-life reputation, but surprisingly little airplay on the radio in America. I’m not sure if I’ve even heard Leonard Cohen’s 1984 original of the song. There’s been notable cover versions by Jeff Buckley, Rufus Wainwright and k.d. lang. Yet, for the most part, radio silence. Maybe, this is the moment for that to change. If I was running a radio station, you’d be hearing Lee DeWyze’s version today.

So here we go, last night’s performances ranked:

1) Lee DeWyze – “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen – Reviewing what I wrote above, it seems I’ve already said quite a lot about this. Let me add that Lee got a ton of help from the Idol crew. The arrangement, the choir, the strings and the horn-section, were all spot-on. With the buzz trending toward the negative about this season, I’m guessing it was just important for the show to have this moment as it was for Lee.

2) Crystal Bowersox – “Maybe I’m Amazed” by Paul McCartney – I was glad Ellen DeGeneres picked this for Crystal. I remember singling out this song after the Lennon-McCartney Songbook Night a few weeks ago as being a song that should’ve been performed. Crystal, performing without her guitar, used this opportunity to demonstrate her full range, hitting big notes, raspy notes, and soft and sweet notes. Bonus points for not changing the gender references in the song. For starters, the word “man” needs to hit a single beat for the best emphasis. If she’d sang “woman” instead, the extra syllable would’ve made a mess of things.

3) Casey James – “Daughters” by John MayerRandy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi chose this one. Give Kara some credit; if she were Simon, she would’ve picked a song she wrote herself and earned some extra royalties! Casey turned in a solid, nice’n’soft version that featured more piano than guitar. As a song choice for Top 3 Week, Randy and Kara were able to insure Casey focused on his sensitive side at this crucial moment. The downside was the song’s not designed for a big vocal moment. So instead, Casey had a big “quiet” moment.

4) Lee DeWyze – “Simple Man” by Lynyrd  Skynyrd – When I went to bed last night, I actually had this ranked above Casey’s version of “Daughters.” When I listened again this morning, I revised my rankings. But it’s a close one. Lee picked this one himself, and I think it was smart move. The idea that Lee himself is a “simple kinda man” doesn’t hurt his case with Idol voters, who I suspect approve of his no ego, nice guy persona, much in the way the audience responded to Kris Allen last season.

5) Crystal Bowersox – “Come To My Window” by Melissa Etheridge – So all through this song Crystal had one of those harmonica holder/harness things around her neck. She blew a few notes at the beginning. And a couple at the end. Seemed like a long way to go for the little use it got. Meanwhile, I’m guessing Idol cameramen were running around trying to find an angle to shoot Crystal’s whole face. Ultimately, Crystal might’ve had a more transcendent performance with this song if she’d gone even more acoustic with it (even used that harmonica more) instead of staying close to the original. Crystal sounded better on the quieter beginning of the song. By the chorus, Crystal was, as the judges pointed out, “fighting the arrangement.”

6) Casey James – “OK, It’s Alright With Me” by Eric Hutchinson – Song choice. Always so crucial. Especially on the week before the finals. I don’t see any benefit to picking this song. Strike that. No benefit to Casey. I’m sure Eric Hutchinson couldn’t be having a better day today! The judges said Casey was “playing it safe,” probably because this was similar to a lot of songs Casey’s done this season. I think “safe” is the wrong word. “Risky” is more like it. The week before the finals is not the best time to give the audience a song that manages to be both unfamiliar and more of the same. That said, no complaints on the vocal. I’m a fan.

Casey James goes home tonight. Lee DeWyze vs. Crystal Bowersox in next week’s Idol finale.

Those are my thoughts. Yours? Let me know!

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Idol Thoughts — 02.02.10

Zig-a-zig-ah! With a second-helping of guest judge Posh Spice, American Idol returned to Denver last night for one of this season’s more satisfying audition episodes.

Maybe it was the change in the “menu” that tasted so good. After six audition shows with tons of freaks and horrible singers, last night Idol shined the spotlight on the Golden Tickets. Of the ten people featured, seven were sent to Hollywood. They are:

Mark Labriola – A self-proclaimed Jack Black lookalike who sang “Tempted” by Squeeze. I like him based on song-choice alone. Never heard anyone do that one on Idol. Sounds good, and we know he’s got a personality and self-depreciating sense of humor. Did I mention he admits he looks like Jack Black?

Kimberly Kerbow – A single mom and college student with a great smile who I think was wearing a wig. Judges wonder, too. A little distracting. And a little odd when she sings she’d buy Rogaine for Simon Cowell. But her sweet version of Ingrid Michaealson’s “The Way I Am” gets her an invitation to Hairywood Week, er, Hollywood Week.

Danelle Hayes – A karaoke host from Seattle. She delivers a raspy, bluesy rendition of Melissa Etheridge‘s “I’m The Only One” that sounds not unlike, um, Melissa Etheridge. Simon makes some observation about Danelle arriving on Idol‘s doorstep at a key moment in life before she’s about to be “broken” by the corporate world. Huh? Anyway, Danelle’s got something–as long as she remembers there’s a fine line between “raspy” and “yelling.”

Casey James – This guys got “ringer” written all over him. Good-looking guy with long hair in pony tail. Posh, aka Victoria Beckham, wants to see his hair down, and somehow that degenerates to Kara Dioguardi getting him to remove his shirt. Simon says the whole thing’s embarrassing and that his audition was “boring.” Randy Jackson says Casey needs to take some “personality pills,” but votes yes. Casey’s on his way to Hollywood, where all the ingredients are there for him to step up his game and “show” Simon that he was wrong. Possible storyline. We’ll see if it plays out that way.

Tori Kelly – A pretty 16-year old student who’s either “sunny” (Posh’s word) or “a human orange” (Simon’s). Posh points out that looks are “part of this,” presumably meaning success in the music world. Posh would be the expert in that. Simon was annoyed by Tori’s version of John Mayer‘s “Gravity.” My ears disagree.

Nicci Nix – I’m still trying to figure out what’s going on with this girl. She flew all the way from Italy. Is she from there? Like an Italian citizen auditioning for American Idol? Or an American who happened to be over there? I’m confused on this point. I’m guessing rich parents, either way. She spoke with a bit of a foreign accent. Not that you’d notice an accent. Hard to hear anything else than her cartoon, Jennifer Tilly speaking voice. She sings with deeper tones, auditioning with something by Girls Aloud. Here’s my feeling: this chick’s got something interesting vocally going on that’s very recordable. Get her into a studio and I got a feeling you could create some successful pop music.

Haeley Vaughn – Her storyline is this: Haeley wants to be “the first black, female country star.” Well, my friend Rissi Palmer‘s already doing a pretty good job on that front. But this is an awesome storyline! Haeley sang Carrie Underwood‘s “Last Name,” and sang it well. Great smile, infectious attitude. Haeley’s going to Haeleywood!

Them is my thoughts. If you got some yourself, love to hear them. So leave a comment.

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