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Idol Thoughts — 05.19.10

Lee DeWyze vs. Crystal Bowersox.

The finale match-up that’s been forecast in this blog for several weeks became official with last night’s American Idol results. This feels right.

Even though I have more Casey James songs than the others in my iTunes, I think the entire season would have been anti-climatic if Crystal wasn’t given a shot to win it all. Crystal’s brought a new energy and credibility to the show at a time when American Idol searches to stay fresh and relevant as it undergoes it’s own aging process and cast changes.

And Lee clearly deserves to be there next week, having exhibited all the qualities of an American Idol finalist, including growth and transformation, and the ability to deliver the “Oh, Wow” moment.

Nevertheless, this is one of those moments when I wish I could see the Idol vote totals. My guess is that it wasn’t a blow-out; that Crystal probably beat out Casey by fewer votes than most people would guess. But who knows? Well, someone knows (Idol producers, staff members). But the info never seems to make it to me. In the words of Dr. Evil, “Throw me a frickin’ bone here! Need the info!”

Something else I wanna touch on this morning. Major fail, Idol producers! What were they thinking when they booked “newcomer” Travis Garland for last night’s show? For starters, it’s kind of a slap in the faces of the show’s finalists. Musical guests on the results show should be more famous than the contestants. Duh. That’s “Idol 101.” Think about what the message to Lee, Crystal and Casey was: to become successful, you need to work hard, perform strongly and earn America’s support (like on Idol); or, be someone Perez Hilton has a crush on (Travis Garland).

I do feel bad for Travis, though. He has to face people after Perez’s embarrassingly bombastic claim that Travis is “better than Justin Timberlake.” Based on what we saw last night, in no way is Travis Garland better than Justin Timberlake. Travis delivered average vocals on an updated boy band sound. It wasn’t even in the league of Justin Timberlake from the *NSYNC days.

For someone who came to public attention for being brutal with his own take on the truth by cutting through the hype and artifice of the celebrity world, now that he’s got his own music label, Perez Hilton is spewing the same bullcrap he used make fun of.

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