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Juno What Happened To My Movie?

uspsOkay, I’m always up for a good conspiracy theory. Three times in the last couple months, Netflix shipped me DVDs that never arrived. Yet each of those DVDs has relatively quickly and mysteriously made its way back to Netflix. Is it a stretch to conclude that people at the Post Office intercept these things, take them home, watch, enjoy and drop in the return mail?

Netflix seems to have a “no-harm, no-foul” policy when you report a disc as never having arrived. They just send out a new one. And from the perspective of a postal employee, seeing as ‘”borrowing” these DVDs involves no mass homicide of co-workers, they probably feel justified, almost like a reward for “not going postal.”

Next up in the queue, Juno. Let me know how it is!

Updated 07/27/09: Not to beat a dead horse. But today a Netflix envelope showed up opened but Scotch taped shut. C’mon! An entire perforated line was (carefully) torn. Then someone (carefully) taped it up. Netflix doesn’t mail it that way. Shadiness.

Updated 10/18/09: I knew it! This sort of thing definitely goes on. Here’s a story about a postal worker caught stealing thousands of Netflix DVDs:


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